April 9, 2015



What we stand for. Read about our partnership, mandate, objectives, guiding principles, values and more in our Term of Reference, as well as a log of our meetings.


October 8, 2015

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April 9, 2015

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Council Member Role Description

FVDI Partnership Council Terms of Reference
Read about our guiding values and principles here.

Resources for Members

Emergent Themes for Community Planning - 2014
A research report based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, this captures the recent work related to cultural diversity, as well as current gaps and how they can be addressed. Members are developing our settlement strategy and action plan based on this local research.

Explaining Settlement Services - WelcomeBC- 2013
What are “settlement services” anyway? Read this and find out how the business of immigrant settlement and integration works.

FVDI Partnership Council Member Professional Development Opportunities – March to November 2015

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