Together we can do so much. Put your unique skills and experience to work and help build a welcoming community.


Whether you can donate a couple of hours or have a great idea, you can help make the Fraser Valley a more inclusive community for people of all ethnicities, ages, backgrounds and languages. Researchers, writers, artists, and business owners, we want to hear from you!


Do you live or work in the Fraser Valley, or are a leader in your community, industry or field? Help make positive change so everyone benefits from migration and cultural diversity. You can join as an individual or represent an organization. Simply send us a message to let us know you’re interested.


The Research, Policy and Practice working group in the Fraser Valley has the broad goals of improving access to  local relevant research about immigration in the area, and trying to bring together research, policy and practice more effectively. We are looking to expand our group and our capacity!

We are welcoming  folks who are interested in this type of work to join us. Find a brief description of the goals and commitment HERE.  It could be a neat opportunity for staff who want to meet others from different sectors who are interested in similar issues, researchers who want to be able to reach policy-makers and front-line workers more effectively and vice versa, newcomers who want to use their experiences and knowledge to make a difference, students who want to gain some experience and build some connections, and many others.


Investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who support your business. There are many sponsorship opportunities to help build our communities, and promote your business to a wide cross-section of residents. Please contact us to explore options and ideas.


Contact us by phone - 604.859.7681 ex 270 - or via the form below!

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