ImmIgration and Refugees


Mapping Refugee Skills and Employer Needs in Surrey and Abbotsford

Excerpt - "Integration of newcomers into the BC labour force is critical to both their personal success  and the province’s long-term economic performance. There is very little empirical evidence about refugee employment challenges and opportunities in BC. To address this, in November 2016,  the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) launched this research topic to help connect refugee talent  with employers in these two communities."

Emergent Themes for Community Planning

Did you know there are different types of immigration? This report helps create a better picture for those not familiar with different immigration status and the barriers immigrants in the community face.

Fresh Voices 2013 Report

Did you realize that government sponsored refugees must pay back medical and transportation costs associated with arriving in Canada. The Fresh Voices Youth Advisory Team Is there to help immigrant and refugee youth handle the challenges and hurdles faced with settling into Canada. From family separation to learning English they cover it all.

Immigrant Voices

This ocument is about the journey of newcomers to the community. It outlines the struggles,and perserverence of these individuals in thier own words. Written by the level seven and eight english students themselves at Abbotsford Community Services; shows how successful and integrated they have become into Canadian society.

Guidebook: Building Immigrant Workforce (Nonprofit sector)

The reason why the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary organizations was created had been to put forward a leader to focus on issues that resonate with the voluntary sector. This report breaks down attracting, recruiting and retaining newcomer Canadians to the world of volunteering.

Volunteerism and Civic Engagement Among New Canadians

Have you ever wondered how many volunteer hours Canadians make in a year? Well for 2010 13.3 million Canadians created a grand total of 2.1 billion volunteer hours. Volunteering among new Canadians is very beneficial for them to get in touch with their new communities and for the community itself.

Gaps and Opportunities in Orientation of Newcomers to the Healthcare System in The Fraser Health Region Executive Summary October 2015

Access to healthcare is something not everyone in Canada has knowledge of. This report is of a study conducted by Fraser Health Diversity Services about the responses, findings of a study. Other aspects revealed such as challenges facing newcomers by the health care system were also explored.

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