Diversity in Abbotsford and Canada


Abbotsford's Newcomers: Fact Sheet

This flyer has recent stats,graphs,charts and eveything else you need to and will want to know about Abbotsford's newest memebrs from far off lands.

Emergent Pratices in Diversity and Inclusion

Did you know Abbotsford is originally home to the people of the Stó:lo nations ? Since the early 1900’s the arrival of Mennonites and Sikhs into the area have helped to Abbotsford to become the third most diverse community in the country. Abbotsford Building Connections Project is aimed to create a mutual understanding through the different communities in the city.

Canadian Immigration Landscape and Overview

Have you ever realized the challenges faced by Non-Status, Refugee and Immigrant women? This report looks at the immigration policies in place today and how they affect particularly women. From Immigration requirements to levels of immigration by different groups throughout time this report is a very important and useful piece for understanding the evolution of Canada’s immigration system.

City and Township of Langley Employer Toolkit

Have you wondered what Canada will look like in 2017? It will be more diverse than ever! Visible minorities are expected to double and this is all the more reason to hire immigrants and newcomers and diversify your workplace. The Langley employer toolkit is there to help workplaces become more accessible to newcomers for work. The benefits listed are amazing and it just goes to show how powerful diversity can be.

Diversity in Governance:

This article discusses the benefits of having a diverse workforce. It is expected that in 2031 that Canada’s largest city, Toronto will be made up of visible minorities. With large cities in the nation becoming more and more diverse it is expected and promoted to create diverse workplaces. This article gives step by step tips and suggestions on how to make your workplace more inclusive and future friendly.



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