Anti-Racism Tools and resources

Historical Trauma Fact Sheet for APD Victim Services

How many types of trauma can you recognize? This report explains different types of trauma, focusing on historical trauma such as the first nations people.

The Trauma of Racism - Implications for Counseling

This report talks about how traumatic, racist experiences can be and provide tips and pointers to psychologists, researchers and counselors. The reality is racism still exists. Included is a suggestion of expanding the DSM-IV to include treatment for people who have faced traumatic racist experiences.

Belonging Exploring Connection To Community

Belonging is a very powerful word. Do we belong to a certain place? A certain language? Neighbourhood? Or is belonging more than that. Is belonging something that changes over time or stays static? This article discusses the power belonging has on communities and how belonging brings people from various backgrounds together. This article goes on to discuss how belonging is influenced and how we as a nation have framed the word “belonging”.

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