Our Projects

ALIP is committed to formulate strategies for meaningful newcomer integration in Abbotsford and work towards their implementation.


All of ALIP's work informs its main objectives:

  1. Carrying out research into newcomer needs, immigration topics and the community's assets and gaps
  2. Building knowledge of local integration issues and raising awareness of immigrant needs amongst the members' organizations and the wider community.
  3. Create a local settlement strategy and an annual action plan for Abbotsford, identifying key priorities for the community.
  4. Develop working groups with specific, measurable and time-bound activities to implement the Partnership Council’s strategic priorities. 
  5. Evaluate the implementation of action plans.


Recent Work

We Are Abbotsford - The Reach Gallery, 01 Nov 2017

Around 200 community members from different age groups, ethno-cultural backgrounds and immigration experiences came together to celebrate our multicultural community and to learn further about the various vibrant cultures which make up Abbotsford.



Welcome to Abbotsford - Newcomers Bus Tour, 25 Oct 2017

The purpose of this project was to foster a sense of belonging and reception by inviting new
residents to partake in an educational and interactive journey around the community. The bus tour integrated activities and  site-visits  that are most relevant for new residents.  The three target priorities of the tour were to:

  • Expose participants to Abbotsford’s rich cultural diversity and artistic, ethno-cultural, and religious community sites;
  • Provide information on local labour markets and employment
  • opportunities in Abbotsford;
  • Give participants a sense of the varying neighbourhoods/ districts within the city, including the locations of major institutions and  establishments.



Canada Day - Turban Tying Booth, 01 Jul 2017

The "Turban Tying" booth set up by the Gurmat Centre in partnership with ALIP was a huge attraction at the Canada Day celebrations in Abbotsford. It created a space for cross-cultural learning and understanding as well as instilling cultural pride.

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